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Would you like to buy one of our dresses?



Enjoy special moments in a great dress you don’t have to buy.


We sew slowly and meticulously

This is because if we did it any other way, it would be difficult to maintain the high standard of quality we require of these dresses with nearly 300 metres of stich. I feel it is so important to take care with all the seams, ironing each one until it sits perfectly.


Original fabrics

Time and mastery

Passionate team

Your dream is our dream

Time and mastery

Currently we use original fabrics designed by me for a large number of our dresses. Sometimes these fabrics are difficult to work with due to their silk like texture, above all when we make our well-known dresses with cape style ruffles. This work requires time and mastery.

I work with a wonderful team of professionals who love their work almost as much as I do. My objective is that when you come to choose your dress for the “feria”, you enjoy the experience, you feel well looked after and you perceive that your dream is our dream.

Fabiola Moments

On many occasions, clients have commented to me that Seville needs a quality brand that allows clients to enjoy dresses without the need to buy them. They have friends who come to the “feria” who want to dress well but wouldn’t have the need for a dress after that. Having given this some thought I have decided that it will be my brand that pioneers this idea.