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Would you like to buy one of our dresses?



Enjoy special moments in a great dress you don’t have to buy.


Fabiola Moments

As a novelty, Fabiola 1987 is going to offer you the possibility of enjoying some costumes from your collection without having to buy them. We will select approximately 30, of different sizes. We will offer you beautiful shawls and accessories that combine perfectly or if you prefer, you can buy something more special.

You can enjoy the “feria” with a good suit that you will not have to buy. We have thought especially about women who come to the “feria” one year and do not know if you will return to the next. You want to go beautiful, well dressed, but it makes you a world to keep a suit that you may not use again. And in others whose closet does not fit a pin and want to release a new suit every year.

MOMENTS PRICE: from 100€/day. 2 days minimum. At the shop you can find some more dresses.

In your hands is to choose. We want to help you decide with this test.

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Return of
the clothes

If it is for costumes for “feria” or “romería“, they will be returned before the Wednesday following the end of the event. In the case of suits for a day, they will be returned before 20:00 on the third day after the event.


You will have to leave us a cash deposit of half the total price of the suit. You will be returned as soon as you bring us the suit and accessories and verify that they are in good condition.


If you need that we adapt the suit that you like to your body, consult price.


The washing of the suit always runs on our own.