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Our dresses our designed so that you can enjoy them on different occasions and that is why they are easily combined with more than one shawl or accessory. Choosing between shawls will greatly influence the final look. It’s our pleasure to help you and advise you so that you can create a new look each time you wear your dress.

Come and see us and allow us to help you. The choice is made not only based on the colour of the dress but also the colour of your eyes, your hair, your skin. We are experts at this. Put yourself in our hands and you won’t regret it!

Find the
right accessories

Most of our shawls are original, hand-made in the surrounding villages of Seville such as Villaverde or Cantilla. I like to give work to the people in my local area, they do a wonderful job because it is part of a tradition handed down from their mothers and grandmothers. My philosophy is that you can draw on the old and traditional to create fresh and attractive flamenco fashion.

I love big hooped earrings, the use of combs to decorate one’s hair and brooches to hold shawls in place. I prefer a single flower in one’s hair or possibly a small bunch with the same colours as the dress or shawl made specially for the occasion. Hair should always be in a low bun, ponytail or plait. As far as beads are concerned, I can offer a number of alternatives to suit you, so you feel great in your outfit.