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Who is Fabiola

When I was a child, I loved craftwork. I grew up in the countryside and I would spend the evenings knitting waistcoats or scarves or making dresses for my dolls. Later, I would make all my own clothes. What I enjoyed most was making outfits for special occasions.

A long journey

I was never bought a dress and I enjoyed making them. My other great interest was literature, so I enrolled on a university philology degree, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I married young and had to find work which was compatible with caring for a baby. It was then that I decided to learn the art of dressmaking and started what is now Fabiola 1897, running it from home. As my children grew, so did my business, becoming what it is today. Time has passed and I still love my work. I try to keep up with the latest tendencies because I feel that the fusion of experience and technology is “the most”.

What is Fabiola 1987?

Flamenco dressmaking 100% handmade in Spain. Founded thirty years ago, Fabiola 1987 has grown and evolved, season after season, without exception to become light, colour and movement. Comfort, quality and enjoyment. Our dresses are designed so that you will enjoy looking stunning at the “feria”. Each dress is cut and sewn by hand, slowly and carefully in order to reach the optimum result. If you wish, we can make a dress just for you with personalized elements and details. Our aim is that from the first moment you step foot in our shop you will enjoy your experience and you will know that you are receiving the highest quality service

Personalized attention

On arriving at our shop, you will find the dresses that make up the latest collection. You can try on as many as you like and if you fall in love with one, just tell us and it’s yours. We only make one, or very occasionally two, of each model, we prefer to change some elements, so that your dress is unique to you. You may also choose the skirt of one, the sleeves of another, the colour of another and the dress will be made just for you. We always offer our expert advice to help you choose the right combinations to suit you so you can wear the best Fabiola 1987 at the “feria”.

You can try on different shawls to complement your dress and we will pick out the right flower and beads to complete the outfit. We don’t leave anything to chance. If you choose to have a dress made for you, you will have to return for a fitting and if necessary, we will make the final adjustments before you collect it. It’s that easy.

Fabiola Moments

On many occasions, clients have commented to me that Seville needs a quality brand that allows clients to enjoy dresses without the need to buy them. They have friends who come to the “feria” who want to dress well but wouldn’t have the need for a dress after that. Having given this some thought I have decided that it will be my brand that pioneers this idea.