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Who is Fabiola

When I was a child, I loved craftwork. I grew up in the countryside and I would spend the evenings knitting waistcoats or scarves or making dresses for my dolls. Later, I would make all my own clothes. What I enjoyed most was making outfits for special occasions.

A long journey

I was never bought a dress and I enjoyed making them. My other great interest was literature, so I enrolled on a university philology degree, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I married young and had to find work which was compatible with caring for a baby. It was then that I decided to learn the art of dressmaking and started what is now Fabiola 1897, running it from home. As my children grew, so did my business, becoming what it is today. Time has passed and I still love my work. I try to keep up with the latest tendencies because I feel that the fusion of experience and technology is “the most”.

What is Fabiola 1987?

100% handmade Spanish dressmaking.
The journey began some 30 years ago, when I delved into the world of flamenco and lingerie apparel. Season after season, bringing light, colour and movement to the “feria” and softness and delicacy to the home. Comfort, quality and enjoyment. Our flamenco dresses are designed to make you look stunning at the “feria”. And our nightgowns are of the highest quality, comfortable yet elegant.
In February of 2020, I presented my first collection for brides and events, showing in Sevilla de Moda, in Seville’s Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones. It was with great pleasure that I watched as my creations went down the catwalk. My new line, my new dreams, my new illusion.
Every piece was cut and sewn individually, one by one, slowly and meticulously, to guarantee the desired results, without any rushing. If you would like, we can make a dress especially for you, to your specific measurements and desires, with details that are customized just for you.
Our goal is for you to enjoy yourself from the moment that you set foot in our shop, so that you will always remember it as a place where you received the best possible service.

Personalized attention

I sincerely hope that the moment you step foot in our luminous showroom, you will feel at home, relaxed and calm, filled with colour and light. Because more than anything, Fabiola 1987 is all about colour, happiness, and “slow fashion”. To me, it is of the utmost importance that you enjoy yourself when selecting the model that you will wear to your upcoming event.

You can and should try on as many pieces as you like. And should you fall in love with something, just let me know and it is yours. Or we can make something similar, something unique and special, just for you.

I believe in honesty when advising customers, since this is of the utmost importance to make sure that you look your best. And my triumphs will be your triumphs. If needed, I will gladly offer assistance regarding complements, shoes, make-up or hair dos. My goal is to find a complete winning look for you.

Don’t worry if your figure is not standard or adjusted to the universal sizes. We will take your measurements and make your dress, for your size.

If you live far away and cannot come to our showroom, feel free to take a look at our website and social network publications. There you can select the models that you like the most. Appointments can be requested via WhatsApp at 683147379. You will be attended over the telephone, in a video call. I am assured that together, we will make sure that your dress or nightgown will be gorgeous, a perfect fit and just what you were looking for.