My “Moments”. Something new, an incentive for me

By 5 March, 2019 No Comments

Something new, an incentive for me. I am not afraid of something new and different, of that which may lead me down another path. I like adventure and I feel able to do whatever I want, as long as I do it with strength, passion and decisiveness. I like challenges because without them, life is boring and lacks incentive.

Fear paralyzes the desire to break through barriers. Think of something you really want to do and decide to do it, start today, continue tomorrow and the next day. Soon you will realize how good you feel and that you are growing in the way you want to.

This is my plan for this year. Would you like to know what my “moments” are? Go to my web site and tell me what you think. It is something which has been done before but not by a brand like ours. I want to develop the concept and make it mine. I look forward to receiving your comments because I learn so much from you.


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