The colours I use in my Fabiola 1987 collections are My Colours. They are the colours of the things I like, such as nature in all its spring splendour, the sea and its reflections, my garden when I was little. Without realizing it, I have created inside of me my own universe. In it, some shades make friends with others and form different and special chromatic worlds. That’s how I feel.

When I look at you, I immediately imagine which colours will stand out against your skin, your hair, your eyes. It something I do automatically, probably because I have this private world where, without thinking, I hide to dream about dresses and shawls.

I am sure that in order to be beautiful we have to make a pact with certain things and one of the most important things is make-up colours, hair, eyes, dress…. If we look after these things, we will find a new reality, which is a better version of yourself. Make a deal with colour!

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