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Fabiola Moments

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Sitting in front of my laptop, early, in my store. It’s still a little cold because January is a lot of January and wants to claim its reason for being every morning. I am looking for an intimate moment to think about what I want for this year 2019 that begins. There are many messages that are sent and received these days and most would be great for me, but today I prefer to specify and determine my own horizon.

As for my family, what I want above all else is health and that this good current of affection and affection that unites us persists. And in my work? In my work I need an evolution. I want it to survive its essence, the flamenco authenticity of my proposals, that well-made seam, flights, ruffles, capes, quality shawls. And how to bring something new to all this? I’ve been looking for a window of air and light for years that will refresh my work hours and excite me with a new project. I do not like to anchor myself in something because it works, I need something that I am going to have fun and excite.

I’ve already found it. My collections will have the same quality and care that characterizes them and that are part of my essence, but the way to access them will change.

Fabiola will always be for those who value my brand for what it is and represents. You can enjoy buying a suit that will accompany you to the fair for many years, always gorgeous and fashionable. The novelty is that you can also enjoy a Fabiola suit if you want to change clothes often but not at the expense of their quality.

If you do not particularly value the fact of choosing your suit to suit you and your taste, and you adapt to select among those we propose, you can be a customer of #momentosfabiola.
Welcome to this new stage of Fabiola.

A big hug