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Huelva Flamenco Dress

Elegant flamenco dress, handmade in Spain in elasticated cotton in an intense coral colour with three different sized spots. Lightweight and comfortable. Fine pale green lace on the edges of the ruffles. Fabric with smaller spots is used to make the bodice and the first ruffle on the skirt to stylize the figure. Elasticated fabrics are easily adjustable to different female body shapes allowing easy movement and a very flattering and elegant look. It also has pretty crepe underskirts in black with colourful spots which are very characteristic of the brand.

We will only make a maximum of 10 dresses with this design, colour and fabric. Limited collection of 1-10 pieces. The price only includes the dress. The accessories in the photograph can be found in our sections Accessories or Shawls.

Sizes in stock: 50