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Fabiola 1987 Showroom in Córdoba

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As every year after the Feria de Sevilla, I pack the car with dresses, shawls, accessories and shoes and head to the S30 in the direction of Cordoba, full of excitement to show my clients all the lovely things I have prepared for them. It’s a lot of work but worth it.

I love trying the dresses on them and seeing their faces light up. Cordoba is very flamenco territory. It’s the home of top-class singers, guitarists and dancers; here they really understand all the styles of flamenco.  There’s something in their blood. A woman wearing a flamenco dress is proud, holds her head high and walks gracefully towards the Real. It’s like a “copla”  (traditional Spanish song), a “copla” full of art and flamenco essence.

I stay for a few special days. With family, friends and clients, I have no time to breathe. And I love it!

This year I will be in Cordoba in April and I will return in May for a few days.  First of all, I take orders, measurements and ideas and the second time I am there I deliver orders and sell other items of stock. Always the same, each year the same system. On this occasion, my showroom is special, quite elegant.

The Cordoba “feria” doesn’t depend on the moons of Holy Week like that of Seville. This “feria” always starts on 20 May so its much easier to get organized. Its long, in total nine days including two weekends. The marquees are very pretty, much bigger than the ones in Seville and they tend to have air conditioning as May is quite a warm month.

Come on all you Cordoba women, it’s not long now! Come and be beautiful!

Fabiola 1987 will take care of you!