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Sevillian sand, the best stage for the art of Fabiola 1987

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Fabiola 1987.  Every year at this time, we quickly put away our nazareno tunics (Holy Week tunics) in order to make room for our flamenco dresses. In some homes, we even put up a temporary rail in a suitable place for this purpose.

The women in the house are the ones with more to do but also the ones who have the most fun. They have to look over last year’s dresses, iron them, make sure they have their corresponding shawls and accessories in perfect condition.

If we are going to show off a new dress, we mustn´t forget to leave a space for it, we love wearing something new.

All organized: dress, shawl, accessories ready so we can get dressed each day without having to think about it, without having to worry.

Come to the feria with Fabiola 1987!

“Feria” days are crazy. No order, no timetables. Family and our children’s friends find a space wherever they can on camp beds or on the sofa. It’s craziness but wonderful craziness because we have a great time.

We have lunch at the “feria” at about three in the afternoon.

Most of the women, especially the younger women are dressed in their flamenco dresses and the men look very elegant in their suits and ties.

Imagine how difficult it is for everyone to be ready at once. A flamenco woman has to do her hair, a bun, plait or ponytail and put the flowers in the right position.

It’s not easy. We all have to help each other and just to complicate matters, we have to make sure our shawls are positioned artistically.

Sometimes we have riders at home, girls, boys or older people who enjoy going to the “feria” on horseback. They have different outfits, another wonderful complication.

We normally get to the “feria” on a special service bus or by taxi. It is impossible to park in the area.

We walk around, we have some food here, a drink there, and we spend the afternoon enjoying the company of friends and people we know that you may not see until the next “feria”.

We might dance “sevillanas” or “rumbas” or be lucky enough to enjoy some live flamenco music.

When we are tired, we try to go home, if we can, because there are always loads of friends trying to persuade us to stay.

So, if you go to the “feria” count on your ally Fabiola 1987 for anything you might have forgotten.

Call us on 954 221 435 and we can help you solve any last-minute complications so that you can enjoy the “feria” you deserve.