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Our Fabiola 1987 flamenco dresses in the ADEVIDA market in Cordoba 2018

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Once more in my city, Cordoba with my childhood friends collaborating with ADEVIDA at its market in the bullring. We had great fun as professional models and young girls who wanted to help, showed off our dresses. It was like our “feria” taking place on a simple yet welcoming runway. Everyone was smiling, enjoying friendship and a great atmosphere.

It satisfies me to help with different causes that I care about and that are based on the effort of people who work quite a number of hours for free. I am pleased to be able to work with these people who give their time and energy to others without asking for anything in exchange. The light in Cordoba is marvellous, its “feria” is happy and fun and our firm, Fabiola 1987 has been dressing the beautiful Cordoba women for many years. I hope we continue to do so for many years as I was born in Crodoba, as was my passion.

When I was a girl, the Cordoba “feria” took place in the Jardines de la Victoria, a beautiful and cool place, an unbeatable place to hold the “feria” in May when sometimes it was hotter than desirable.

I have wonderful memories of this time of my life. Not a year went by without me riding behind the saddle, enjoying a trip round the Jewish quarter, stopping here and there for a wine or a cheese or ham “tapa”.

When we left the horses, I would go with my friends to our marquee “Los Caireles” to sing and dance. What fun times! Now it doesn’t seem real.

I have really enjoyed this trip to Cordoba. Thank you ADEVIDA for giving me the opportunity!

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