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Fabiola flamenco dresses in solidarity with UNICEF

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The admiration and passion that I feel for flamenco dresses, for their art and their tradition is something that I have felt ever since my childhood.

As a result, it’s a time of my life that I look back on fondly and miss due to all the special memories that I have of those sweet years.

I feel that childhood is the most delicate stage of our life. To grow up in the heart of a loving and responsible family that looks after you and teaches you how to behave well and to be responsible is the greatest gift life can give.

UNICEF is there for those children who do not grow up in these circumstances, who are hungry or who have health problems or who are alone. We wanted to help in our way, doing what we know best, a fashion show of flamenco dresses to raise much needed funds.

My girls, my flamenco dresses, my gift.

The stars of the show were the girls and I loved it. Well done to each and every one of them for taking part and for doing it so well!

A big thank you to the Hotel Alfonso XIII, as always there to help. Thank you to the team from Go Events who helped backstage to make sure all the girls went onto the runway looking perfect to show off their dresses and enjoy such a special day.

The girls gave me a magical moment, one so special I wouldn’t change it for anything. Thank you to everybody! Its moments like this that bring colour to our lives.

At Fabiola 1987 we are delighted to help such special causes!

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