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Full in our show presented at We Love Flamenco 2018! It was completely full!

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Fabiola 1987 collection 2018, “It smells of tuberose, jasmine and a point of orange”, has won the applause of the people who matter most to us, those people so beloved that year after year accompanies us in everything we undertake. It is exciting to see the capacity full of familiar faces, who follow us and who expect the best from us every year. For me it is always a challenge. They are my encouragement, my incentive not to falter.

At the time of the parade, I’m not nervous. I always try to take everything complete and very revised from a couple of days before. I am foresighted as a good perfectionist. But the month before the parade I notice the tension at every step, I want to do something good, very clean, without baggage that hinder it, to teach the essence. Is not easy. You have to surprise and fall in love with the simplest and for that you have to be very good.

I have a great team next to me. Precious hands that make delicate and that manage to understand what I want without too much difficulty, we have been working together for years and it shows. I have some people at my side who believe in what we do, who believe in the beauty of simplicity and the importance of things well done. They do not stop transmitting self-confidence, that’s very important! I work with a team that has faith in me and I in him.

Nuestro desfile ha tenido una repercusión muy importante en prensa. Fue transmitido en directo por el programa de Canal Sur, Andalucía Directo, y en la revista digital Bulevar Sur (ABC de Sevilla), con el titular: “Fabiola lleva los patios de Córdoba y Sevilla a los trajes de flamenca”.

Diario de Sevilla nos publicó un extenso reportaje de fotos y un vídeo estupendo, en su blog Wappissima; de igual forma que importantes revistas digitales del sector como Flamenco.Moda y Córdoba Flamenca.

Cabe destacar también a los distintos blogueros de moda flamenca, como CayeCruz, Con acento Artesano, Yo soy una Flamenca Yeyé, Entre Cirios y Volantes, Mamá de Mayor quiero ser Flamenca… Queremos agradecerles sus palabras de elogio y sus fotografías, así como el interés demostrado a través de sus preguntas anteriores al desfile.

Poco a poco iremos descubriendo más publicaciones que irán apareciendo en los próximos días. Estoy satisfecha y muy feliz, ¡espero que disfrutéis de la colección tanto yo!